Luxury Facials

45 minutes — A 45 minute facial designed to specifically target dead skin , dullness and peach fuzz. This no-downtime treatment begins with a steamy double cleanse, heated aromatherapy towels, a customized enzyme treatment and is followed by dermaplaning which can be described as a “deep shave” to remove peach fuzz/dead skin and reveal glowing, baby soft skin. We end this magical experience with a sculpting facial massage. Warning: may create a new addiction to dermaplaning! But don’t worry, your hair will never grow in darker or thicker as that is biologically impossible for the type of hair we’re removing which is called “vellus” and differs from the type of hair we more traditionally remove.

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Dermaplane Glow Facial - @Agelessashley
Glowing Reviews
Ashley is seriously the best esthetician in all of LA county. She completely transformed my skin and gave me amazing advice so I can continue on the right path at home. She is always available to answer any and all of my skin-care related questions. Her new studio is so cute and relaxing. She knows how to create the perfect peaceful vibe that instantly relaxes you as you walk through the door. I HIGHLY recommend that you take the time to visit her studio and book an appointment. She is the best!
Andrew D.West Hollywood, CA
I’ve always been so insecure about my skin and I’ve always wore heavy make up and I finally decided to get a facial done. Ashely is amazing at what she does you will be 100% satisfied. It was extremely soothing I felt so relaxed and comfortable. I’ve stopped wearing make up since my facial and started using ISclinical products. I love my results and can’t wait for my second facial!
Frankie S.New York, NY
Ashley is, as always, amazing. I just received her signature Ageless Facial and words can’t describe the glow! My face is baby smooth due to the precise dermaplaning offered, a service I only trust with Ashley. On top of knowing that I will receive an incredible service when I visit, there is the added bonus of relaxation in her peaceful and quiet new studio (complete w massage and ice globes!). Ashley is a skin master with a warm personality; go visit her today!
Erin H.New Orleans, LA