Luxury Facials


The Ageless Facial

80 minutes — Help your skin heal from acne, discoloration, sun damage and premature aging. This 80 minutes Signature Facial includes ‘all the things’ — HydraFacial™, epithelial leveling, extractions, cryotherapy, CBD lymphatic drainage, cooling jelly mask & LED light therapy.

The HydraFacial™ Glow

75 minutes — Instantly brightens, hydrates and plumps creating a dewy complexion while gently removing impurities and polishing the surface. Vacuum assisted, advanced hydrodermabrasion technology is used to clean out your pores while brightening serums are pushed in. This process achieves a 3 in 1 treatment to exfoliate, extract and infuse. It ends with a revitalizing dose of super-intense hydration, peptide infusion, and cooling jelly mask.

The DMK Oxygen Enzyme Facial

105 minutes  True oxygen therapy that instantly rejuvenates dull, lifeless skin and activates the body’s own enzymes to heal and nourish. After a steamy double cleanse and customized targeted exfoliation, the treatment mask is applied and will start working it’s magic for a duration of 45 minutes total. Pulsating sensations are felt while the mask hardens, improves microcirculation and removes cell build up/toxicity within the cells. The result is plump, dewy skin and an astonishing glow from within! Suitable for all skin conditions, but not recommended for anyone who suffers from claustrophobia.

The Dermaplane Glow Facial

45 minutes  A 45 minute facial designed to specifically target dead skin , dullness and peach fuzz. This no-downtime treatment begins with a steamy double cleanse, heated aromatherapy towels, a customized enzyme treatment and is followed by dermaplaning which can be described as a “deep shave” to remove peach fuzz/dead skin and reveal glowing, baby soft skin. We end this magical experience with a sculpting facial massage. Warning: may create a new addiction to dermaplaning! But don’t worry, your hair will never grow in darker or thicker as that is biologically impossible for the type of hair we’re removing which is called “vellus” and differs from the type of hair we more traditionally remove.

The DMK Quick Glow

30 minutes  This no-downtime 30 minute treatment will
awaken your complexion, deeply cleanse, nourish and hydrate! DMK’s “Quick Peel” oxygenates and feeds your skin from the inside out by creating pseudo-heat and stimulating new blood flow up to the surface. A gentle gommage technique is then performed followed by our signature HYDROLOC GLOW therapy – a deeply nourishing thermal infusion to drastically plump and rehydrate. You’ll walk out feeling rejuvenated and ready for the red carpet!

The Fire + Ice Facial

55 minutes — A rejuvenating treatment that bridges the gap between a mild facial and an invasive peel, with no downtime. Results driven and designed to resurface, reduce fine lines, brighten and encourage cellular renewal. Includes ice globe massage and cooling jelly mask.

The Back Facial

60 minutes  This ‘facial for your back’ features personalized exfoliation for the back and shoulders, steamy aromatherapy towels, extractions, a high performance treatment masque for your skin’s condition and your concerns, and medical-grade products featuring lactic acid to plump, brighten and hydrate skin, leaving your back soft and glowing with a noticeably renewed radiance. This body treatment is perfect for the summer months or anytime you want a little extra TLC.

Skincare Shopping

15 minutes - Reserve a time for a private consultation with our skincare experts to evolve your skincare regimen!

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