Noon Aesthetics LactoCeramide-15


The Igloo Moist 24/7 by Noon Aesthetics offers intensive rejuvenation & corneotherapy treatment. This cream is suitable for all skin types and does not cause drying or irritation.

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Intensive Rejuvenating & Corneotherapy Treatment
LactoCeramide-15 is particularly active for an anti-aging treatment as it is based on a winning combination of 15% Lactic Acid and Ceramide types 2,3,6. The effective combination of AHA and DermShieldTM (patent pending), allows the use of the cream with all skin types, throughout the seasons and without causing irritation or a dry feeling. Lactic Acid stimulates and rejuvenates the skin, providing a significant improvement in skin texture and moisture level. It further reduces blemishes and increases skin density and elasticity. Ceramides 2,3,6 constitute a perfect copy of the lipids found in the upper layer of the skin.


Active Ingredients:
Lactic Acid 15%
Ceramides 2,3,6



Apply a thin layer on the face and neck up to twice a day, or as instructed by a skincare specialist. In the daytime, it is recommended to also apply NOON Brush&GoTM sunscreen powder with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF).


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