DMK Holiday Enzyme Facial Kit


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DMK Holiday Enzyme Facial Kit is a professional oxygenating treatment that can be done at home between appointments.


Exoderma Peel 60ml  

This peel is natural exfoliating formula that helps exfoliate skinExoderma Peel provides a quick pick-up and skin-tightening treatment suitable for mature, sensitive skin. 

Foaming Lift Mask 30g 

By mixing with Exoderma Peel, Foamy Lift mask activates microcirculation to keep the skin functioning between treatments. It tightens and tones the skin by removing dead skin cells and impurities. It also brightens the skin and increases dermal hydration! 

This set also includes a range of free gifts, including: 

Deep Pore Ultra Cleanser (60ml) 

This cleanser with white oak bark, yucca and aloe extract removes make-up, dirt and dead skin cells without drying your skin out! Suitable for humans with normal to oily skin, or congestion and breakouts! 

DMK Mixing Bowl & DMK Ultra Plush Mask Brush 

Perfect for using for your skincare concoctions – and for easily mixing your Exoderma Peel and Foaming Lift Mask together! 

Herb and Mineral Facial Mist (60ml)

Seba-E Facial Oil (7.5ml)

DMK Headband 


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