Casmara Jelly Masque Kit 2-Pack with Serum Ampoule


Whether you want a fun pampering session or a truly relaxing experience, choose your ideal Casmara Professional Jelly Mask Kit!


CASMARA ALGAE PEEL-OFF MASKS are the original face masks created by the CASMARA Laboratory with immediate visible effects on the skin.

Their revolutionary PEEL-OFF TECHNOLOGY developed by the CASMARA Laboratory allows the masks to set on the skin, adapting perfectly to the facial contours to treat all areas, even the most delicate parts, such as around the eyes.

The perfect blend of cosmetic and sensory actions to help provide the face with hydration, firmness and unique sensations. Their occlusive cryogenic effect provides a pleasant feeling for a true moment of well-being.

Helps to intensley oxygenate, hydrate and refresh the skin acting like a true breath of fresh air for radiant skin.

Formulated with algae, O2 and customized ingredients for each variety— these masques promote an overall improvement in the complexion, providing hydration and a pleasantly relaxing feeling of freshness, with a delicious minty aroma that makes each application a real pleasure.

Additional information

Mask Type

Antioxidant, Hydra, Longevity, Luxury, Purifying, Renovating, Vitalizing, Shine Stop


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