Meet our Founder

Ashley Curtis

Licensed Aesthetician &
Founder of Evolve Skin + Wellness

With over 15 years of experience as a Licensed Aesthetician, my philosophy revolves around maintaining beauty from the inside out. I am absorbed in perfecting the harmony between eastern & western anti-aging methods. I enjoy providing in-depth knowledge about our skin & it’s functions – whether problematic, aging, or in need of special maintenance.

Unknown 2 Scaled - Evolve Skin + Wellness Los Angeles Skincare Specialists
Experienced Skin + Wellness Expert in Los Angeles, CA
  • CIDESCO Internationally Licensed  Aesthetician for 15+ years
  • Podcast Host – Good Skin Circle
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Blending the art of science meets nature to achieve aesthetic ideals is my specialty. Education is my passion.


  • Helping newly Licensed Aestheticians find their niche
  • Providing in-depth knowledge about skin and it’s functions in order to achieve glowing results via in-house treatments and at-home care
  • Developing meticulous objectives and designing elaborate protocols/training materials for underdeveloped skincare education programs
  • Perfecting the harmony between eastern and western anti-aging methods
  • Effectively interpreting the functions of cosmeceutical and natural ingredients
  • Designing customized client care (treatments, diet, cardio exercise, supplements, and topical products)

I pride myself on advancing and progressing my skill set by consistently staying up to date with industry trends and habitually seeking out continued education as well as advanced certifications.

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