Tips & Tricks to Maximize your Treatment at Evolve Skin + Wellness

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol the day before and the day of. Avoid caffeine as it can excite sensory nerves and make extractions more painful. Stop exfoliation 3 days prior (acids, scrubs + retinol).

Change your pillowcase, wipe your sunglasses and wipe your phone! Avoid direct sunlight, saunas, steam, liquid foundation and all aquatic activities for 24 hours. Gently cleanse with lukewarm water and follow any specific aftercare instructions the day of. Drink plenty of water and enjoy your new glow!

We are located at 130 South Euclid Avenue Suite 1, Pasadena CA 91101. There is convenient metered street parking right out front, steps away from our Euclid facing entrance. Click here to the waitlist for our Orange County location (coming soon)!

We highly suggest that you do not do any heavy sweating after a facial service in order to fully enjoy all of the benefits ! Treatment serums are applied throughout and toward the end of each facial, you don’t want to sweat them off before they have time to absorb and work their magic.

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